About Gule 2.0. Project

The Gule 2.0 Project is a project designed and implemented by  Circus Zambia. The project was developed by the Artistic Director Gift Chansa. As the Artistic Lead in Circus Zambia he has been actively seeking out opportunities to engage, learn and share with the international performance community. Through these efforts he became an ISPA fellow, key note speaker at Communicating the Arts and PACE speaker, to name just a few. These experiences allowed him to reflect critically on the Zambian Performing Arts scene and its strengths and weaknesses. We realized that although there is lot of talents, passion and creativity in the Zambian performing Arts Scene, there is a lack of education and exposure. This is inhibiting local professionals from creating works that can be recognized on an international level.

Gule 2.0 is a start to tackling this issue. This intensive program allows performing arts practitioners to learn, engage, create networks, have platforms and elevate their work.

The 2022 edition of Gule 2.0 included a yearlong masterclass program. The Performing Arts groups have gone through a series of masterclasses on how to create the best, most attractive and most innovative performance arts pieces. Through this series of masterclasses they created new productions, which were premiered to local and international audiences at the Gule 2.0 Festival.

The Master classess included the following topics and teachers:

First up was Storytelling, taught by local storyteller extra-ordinare Yoweli Chungu, creator or the Ubuntu series and Kenneth Uphopho from Lagos Fringe Festival. We continued with Directing & Casting taught by Daniel Buckland (SA, Dark Laugh Theatre) and Maria Mukaka (Zambia/NY, theatre maker). We also focused on Budgeting & Production with local film and theatre maker Paul Wilo and Producer of NoFit State in Wales, Alison Woods. The series continued with a masterclass on Performing on Stage by Adam McGuigan (Wake the Beast, UK) and Bright Kalutwa. From there we learned about Marketing our work with Yvette Hardie (ASSITEJ, SA) and Mwiche Chikungu from the Zambian National Arts Council. Getting closer to launching our new productions we focused on practical aspects of the production, including a Sound & Music workshops with local DJ and producer El Mukaka, as well as UK based Circus director Tim Lenkiwiecz. For the Light workshop we worked with SA based Michael Inglis from Emmet Theatre. Lastly we learned from the best about Networking with the co-founder of the Pan African Creative Exchange, the New York based Erwin Maas and local actor Ephraim Phiri.

Words from our Artistic Director – Gift Chansa 

This was a great festival and project. It answers to the needs of Zambian Artists by elevating the local performing arts through capacity building in administrations, marketing, and fundraising. This is imperative for talent to blossom. I am happy that Circus Zambia is doing something about it after so many years!
We are looking for more collaborations in creative projects, theatre, circus and both outdoor and indoors shows.
Please get in touch if you have ideas or contributions!