Since 2019, Colour Culture has hosted an annual women’s history event dubbed Three Queens, told the story of aspiring astronaut, Edward Nkoloso, at Afronauts, discussed African culture’s place in the modern world through its Ifwe Bantu artistic forum and explored the history of the Gule Wamkulu at Mask of the Gule; A poetry production that describes the origin of the Gule Wamkulu masquerade of the Chewa people as seen through the eyes of the mysterious masked poet named Mercury.

About Colour Culture Arts

Colour Culture Arts is an arts company and creative platform founded by spoken word poet, Musenga Katongo. Launched on 22nd June, 2019, Colour Culture Arts identified a treasure trove of African stories based on Zambian history, culture and traditions that have not been told as well as they should. The creative platform seeks to educate, entertain and empower Zambian, and African, people with these stories through the arts.

Colour Culture carries out its artistic activities with the following core values: 

1.Preservation and propagation of culture and history 

2.Celebration of unique African identities 

3.Raising the standard and appreciation for art 

4.Influencing society through creative storytelling 

We equally seek to offer our services that would keep creators creating such as arts events, event planning, writing classes and artist agency.

Contact: +260976078298