Fire & Ice Ensemble

The Fire & Ice Ensemble provides entertainment in hotels and restaurants. For the Gule 2.0 Project our first full show was created, called a Wonderful World. It is a show about a Barberman who had to leave his hometown to search for his happiness in another land. His journey includes love, conflict and laughter and is set to a combination of Zambian and international music. This show won the main prize at the Gule 2.0 Festival. 

About Fire & Ice

It is a profit making organisation which consist of 6 members currently. It was formed on 14th September,  2018 by Abel Ngulube. It was then called The Classical Harmonics Orchestra and the name was later changed to The Fire & lce Ensemble on the 30th May 2022.

The organization is specialized in Live music entertainment services , Voice training ,Various instrument training and offering music theory lessons.

We equally seek to offer our services that would keep creators creating such as arts events, event planning, writing classes and artist agency.

For bookings : Call/ Whatsapp  : +260974131429