Curious about the work of Mudzi Arts? Check out the Pastor and the Harlot. Virginia, a harlot unintentionally storms into a renowned clergy’ house, in an attempt to hide from a linch mob that wants to kill her for being caught red handed in bed with a married man. The clergy, Pastor Sam out of goodwill allows her to stay with him until she finds a better place to go and something more decent do. Well little does he know that this is a decision that will change his life forever.

About Mudzi Arts

We are a non governmental, non profit making youth-led and focused organization whose aim is to empower Zambian adolescents and youth with artistic, entrepreneurial, and life skills that will enable them to dodge vices by making correct and informed decisions with regards to their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, thereby helping them thrive socially and economically. 

We have been in existence for two years, and have produced two plays, namely TRIBES GONE BABEL (which participated in two international festivals in 2019, namely Mitambo International theatre festival, in Zimbabwe and JPAC theatre festival in South Africa respectively) and THE PASTOR AND THE HARLOT. The afore mentioned plays have been performed more than five times. Through the income generated from these performances we have been able to empower 4 youths with capital to start small businesses that will keep them going as the are pursuing their art career and, their businesses are doing pretty well and growing steadily. 

Contact Person: Clive G. Nyirenda +260 978 009876 (WhatsApp)

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